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Sunday Worship: 10AM

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Everlasting Father

December 16, 2023
By Pastor Jathan

 Everlasting Father-Isaiah 9:6




Aspects of the fatherly care of King Jesus for his people:

  1. Jesus fathered (brought about) our ____________________.

  2. Jesus compassionately ______________________________.

  3. Jesus will ____________________________


Digging Deeper:

  • Why is Jesus called the “second Adam”?  How does that relate to his title of “Everlasting Father”?
  • How does our experience of earthly fathers help us understand Jesus’s ministry to us?  How might our experience misconstrue Jesus’s ministry?
  • How have you seen the Lord’s care in your life?  In what areas do you need to trust him today?

Other passages to consider: 

Ps 103:8-14; Isa 40:11; Jn 1:12; 10:28; Rom 5:17; 2 Cor 5:17; Gal 4:4; Col 1:15-20; Heb 4:14-16; 13:5-8; 1 Jn 3:1.