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Sunday Worship: 10AM
Our Sunday School classes meet at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday EXCEPT the first Sunday of the month.

 Join us on Sunday mornings at 9am, as we focus on growing deeper in our walk. We are committed to growing together as the body of Christ ,and putting the Word of God into action.We offer classes for all ages ,divided into 3 groups  

  • Beginner Class- 7 and under
  • Middle Class- 8-14
  • Upper Class


We hope you will join us on Sunday, for coffee ,muffins, and a place to learn, grow and connect.

Upper Class  

The Fear of the Lord
An 8-week Ligonier DVD study w/
Dr. Michael Reeves
Sundays @ 9am

It’s not surprising that the Bible’s most common command is “Do not be afraid.”
After all, fear surrounds us in this anxious world. Yet the remedy
that Scripture provides for our fears is one we would never expect:
the fear of the Lord.Dr. Michael Reeves shows how the gospel repels our misplaced frets while
drawing us near to God in holy fear. Here is the source of true wisdom 
and a taste of heavenly joy. As we understand the wonders of God’s grace 
toward us in Christ, we cannot help but tremble before Him in adoration and delight.

  •  Why does our world seem more afraid than ever?
  •  Is it a good thing or a bad thing to fear the Lord?
  • How can the fear of God liberate us from anxiety?

If you’ve asked any of these common questions before, The Fear of the Lord is a teaching series that brings biblical clarity
and rich insights for the Christian life.