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Sunday Worship: 10AM
What's it like at Abounding Grace Church?
Here are some things to expect on your first visit:
  1. Biblical preaching: Our elders preach from God's Word every week because they know that by it believers are nourished and fed. You'll find their preaching to be accessible and understandable, but prepare to be challenged and nourished spiritually by God himself as he speaks through his servants!
  2. Friendly people: It's kind of hard to get out the door when the service is over, because we like to stick around and share our lives, pray for each other, and encourage each other. We take "church family" very seriously, and love to spend time with each other. 
  3. Casual style: Feel free to wear what you'd normally wear on any normal outing--we don't mind jeans, t-shirts, ties, suits, or dresses. We welcome all kinds of people, and all kinds of people feel welcome at AGC!
  4. Kids: LOTS of kids. Many of us enjoy the opportunity to have our children in the service with us, because we've found that they benefit a lot from watching the grown-ups "do church." We are so blessed to have members of every age in our church, and we wouldn't want our kids to miss out on the chance to build relationships with our older members. If you have children, bring some crayons and paper and don't worry if they make a little noise!
  5. Simplicity: We're not a bells and whistles kind of church. We enjoy the depth of good preaching and the rich blessings of the family of God. We like to focus on helping one another stand firm in the faith, and on being open and ready for God to add to our family. If you're struggling with burn-out or just need a safe place to grow, you'll be refreshed by the simplicity at AGC!