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Sunday Worship: 10AM

Check here each week for information to prepare your heart for the upcoming sermon and follow-up questions you can use after the sermon to dig deeper and disciple your family!

Love Doesn’t Do That

November 08, 2018
By Pastor Jathan

Love Doesn’t Do That – 1 Corinthians 13:4b-6

Preparing your heart for the sermon:

  • How have the Corinthians acted in the unloving ways described in vv4b-6?
  • What do these unloving actions do to the health of a church and its ability to glorify God?
  • How do these unloving actions manifest themselves in congregations today?  How can a church put off these actions?

Other passages to consider: Mark 10:45; John 3:30; Rom 12:21; 1 Cor 1:26-31; 3:1-4; 4:6-7; 5:6-8; 6:6-8; 10:23-24; 11:21-22; 12:14-27; 2 Cor 5:19; Gal 2:20; 1 Tim 2:5-6

Digging Deeper:

  • How would you summarize these negative actions?
  • How could love help prevent you from sinning in these areas?
  • Are you acting in any of these unloving ways?  If so, what do you need to do?
  • What would be the effect of a church that didn’t treat each other this way, but instead truly served one another in love?

Love Exercises Patience and Kindness

November 01, 2018
By Pastor Jathan

Love Exercises Patience and Kindness – 1 Corinthians 13:4

Preparing your heart for the sermon:

  • What is love?  How does the world’s definition of love differ from the Bible’s?
  • How does Paul portray love in vv4-7?  What do you observe about his description?
  • Has/is God patient and kind with you?  In what ways?

Other passages to consider: Ex 34:5-8; Ps 103; Matt 18:21-35; Luke 10:25-27; Rom 2:4; 8:31-39; Eph 4:31-5:2; Titus 3:3-7; 1 Pet 2:20-25; 2 Pet 3:8-10

Digging Deeper:

  • How do we see Jesus model patience and kindness?
  • What opportunities have you had today to exercise patience and kindness?
  • How are we able to show patience and kindness?  What can I do to help me grow in this area?
  • Think of people around you who exercise patience and kindness.  How does their behavior bring glory to God?

An Essential Element of our Church

October 25, 2018
By Pastor Jathan

An Essential Element of our Church – 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Preparing your heart for the sermon:

  • What are the essential elements of a church?
  • How does Chapter 13 relate to Chapters 12 and 14?
  • What examples have we seen so far of the Corinthians being unloving toward each other?

Other passages to consider: Matt 22:34-40; John 13:31-35; 15:1-17; Rom 5:1-8; 8:31-39; 1 Cor 13; Gal 2:20; Eph 3:14-21; 4:11-17; 4:30-5:2; Col 3:12-14; 2 Thess 1:3; 1 Tim 1:5; 1 Jn 4:7-21

Digging Deeper:

  • Can service be given without love?
  • Which is more important: giftedness or love?  Why?
  • What are signs of a lack of love in a church?
  • Where does love come from?  How can I grow in love?

Godly Ambition

October 18, 2018
By Pastor Jathan

Godly Ambition – 1 Corinthians 12:27-31

Preparing your heart for the sermon:

  • What truths does Paul review in these verses?
  • Why do you think Paul numbers the gifts first, second, third, etc in v28?
  • What answer is Paul expecting in vv29-30?  Why is he asking these questions?

Other passages to consider: Isa 49:16-17; Micah 4:2; Matt 25:14-30; Rom 12:3-8; 1 Cor 3:5-17; 4:6-13; 12-14; 2 Cor 12:12; Eph 2:19-22; 4:1-16; 1 Thess 5:19; Heb 2:3b-4; 1 Pet 4:7-11

Digging Deeper:

  • What are the higher gifts Paul exhorts them to desire?
  • If God decides our spiritual gifts, why does Paul tell us to desire higher gifts?
  • What things in life do people strive for?  What would God have us pursue?
  • What should be your focus in using your spiritual gift(s)?


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