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Sunday Worship: 10AM

Check here each week for information to prepare your heart for the upcoming sermon and follow-up questions you can use after the sermon to dig deeper and disciple your family!


Shepherding the Flock

May 11, 2019
By Pastor Jathan

Shepherding the Flock

Acts 20:28; 1 Pet 5:1-4; Heb 13:17

Preparing your heart for the sermon:

  • How did the church come to be?  How is the church described in the NT?
  • What does a shepherd do for sheep?  How does that describe how elders are to serve the church?
  • What does it look like for elders to pay careful attention to all the flock and exercise oversight?  What does that entail?

Other passages to consider: Ezek 34:1-10; John 10:7-18, 22-30; Acts 20:17-32; Col 1:28-29; 1 Thess 2:1-12; 1 Tim 3:1-7; Heb 13:7-9, 12-21

Digging Deeper:

  • How does a man become an elder?  Who puts him in that position?
  • How, practically speaking, can elders keep watch over the souls of the church?
  • Given God’s design, what responsibility do Christians have to the church and to elders?
  • What should motivate elders to diligently care for the flock?  What should not motivate them?